Airport Fire Fighting Vehicle


Airport Fire Fighting Vehicle

  • •    Engine power up to 1300 BG, 0-80 km/s, speed with twin engine technology: 21 sec. Max. Speed: 140 km/s,
    •    Cabin and upper structure produced from composite material,
    •    Cabin: ECE 29 coherent, capacity of 4 or 6 person, SCBA seats for crew, panoramic view, wide-angled glasses that provide vision, heated wind and front screens,
    •    Polypropylene with flexible joint, water tank up to 16 000 lt and foam tank up to 2000 lt coupled with water tank,
    •    VFPN 1200 fire pump: 12000 lt/mn 10 bar water and foam pumping capacity, 500 kg dry chemical dust system: 30 m KKT with winding wheel, at the same time KKT output from the bumper monitor,
    •    WG6000SE / FD Roof Monitor: 6000 lt/mn – 10 bar water, 270 degree to both right and left sides, -15, +70 degree range of up and down movement capacity, 96 meters of throw distance.
    •    WG 2000 SE-P Tampon Monitor: 2200 lt/mn – 10 bar water, 10 kg/sec. KKT pumping capacity. 1800 to right and left with joystick control from the cabin, -15, +65 degree up and down movement availability,
    •    Automatic sliding doors
    •    Field foaming nozzles which also protects the vehicle (it is at the underside of the vehicle),
    •    Electronic combination meter within the cabin which shows all functions of the car and its current capacity,
    •    Automatically opened side cupboards

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