Fire Escape Smoke Hood (ASE 30)

Fire Escape Smoke Hood (ASE 30)

  • •    Guaranteed to give you 30 minutes of breathable air whether it’s smoke in the cockpit or a fire in your office, hotel, or home. Important to note this mask blocks out harmful gases but it does not provide oxygen
    •    Without using this smoke mask, you have less than 60 seconds to escape the deadly effects of Smoke Inhalation
    •    Adjustable strap for one size fits all on ages 2 and up
    •    The hood/mask is flame -resistant, aluminum foil cloth, which will withstand 1400 degrees F and protect you from hot falling ash.
    •    Sealed in a soft plastic carry bag that is portable enough to take with you anywhere.
    •    One time use only
    •    Shelf life – 5 years

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