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Our Services

We offer quality firefighting products and the best of AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) services and solutions on competitive rates.


  • Supply & Installation of Fire Fighting and Fire Alarm Systems

  • Annual Maintenance Contract of Fire Alarm & Fire Fighting Systems

  • Refilling & Servicing of Fire Extinguishers

  • Are in accordance and approved from Civil Defense

  • Supply of Industrial Gases.

Product Range:

  • Fire & Safety Equipment                 

  • Firefighting System                         

  • Fire Fighting Suits                          

  • Rescue Tools                                

  • Cold Cut Systems                           

  • Breathing Air Compressor                

  • First Responders for Fire                 

  • Fire Alarm System (Wire Free)         

  • Safety Gloves                                                                       

  • Safety Helmets

  • Fire Detection System

  • Fire Escape Smoke Hood

  • Fire Fighting Foam

  • Personal Protection 

  • Impulse Fire Fighting Technology

  • Cable Coating / Fire Resistant Cable

  • Emergency Raptors

  • Optical Fiber Cable  

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